Our menu

A1 MEE KROB - Sweet crispy noodles with chicken and shrimps $6
A2 SUMMER ROLLS (2) - Rice crapes wrapped with lettuce, thin rice noodle, bean sprouts, tofu served with special peanut sauce $5
A3 THAI EGG ROLLS (6) - Deep fried Chinese tortillas stuffed with ground chicken and silver noodles served with sweet-n-sour sauce $5
A4 SA-TAY (5) - Choice of marinated chicken, beef or shrimps on skewers served with peanut sauce & cucumber relish $8.50 / shrimp $9
A5 KRA TONG THONG (7) - Crispy golden cups : you fill yourself with ground chicken,
corn, carrots and potatoes blended with chef spices,
A6 SISSY SHRIMPS (5) - Deep fried shrimps swathed in wonton skins served with sweet n’ sour sauce $6
A7 ANGEL WINGS (2) - Deep fried chicken wings stuffed with ground pork,  glass noodle, crispy mushrooms, water chestnuts,  corns, peas and carrots served with spicy sweet n’ sour sauce $8
A8 FRIED WONTON (5) - Deep fried wonton stuffed with ground pork and  ground shrimp served with sweet n’sour sauce $5
A9 TOD MON (5) - Deep-fried fishcakes served with cucumber relish $7
A10 FRIED CALAMARI - Thai style deep fried squid served with sweet n’ sour sauce $7
A11 FRIED TOFU (6) - Deep fried tofu served with sweet n’ sour sauce $5
A12 THAI TACO (5) - Ground chicken, corns, carrots and potatoes mixed together and wrapped with wonton skins $5
A13 GYOZA GRILLED (5) - Ground chicken, ginger and water chestnuts wrapped  in gyoza skins served with Thai chili sauce $7
A14 POT STICKER (Deep Fried) (5) $5
A15 CRAB WONTON (5) - Imitation crab meat and cream cheese, wrapped in a pastry shell and deep fried served with sweet n’sour sauce $5
A17 COMBINATION PLATE - Small samples of appetizers;   Thai egg rolls, Fried wontons, Fried tofu, Pot stickers & Crab wontons $9


Add $1.00 extra for choice of shrimp

SO1 WONTON SOUP - Savory dumplings filled with pork and shrimp in a light chicken broth bowl $7.99 pot $10.99
SO2 VEGETABLE SOUP - Choice of mixed vegetable or tofu or silver noodle come with pork and shrimp in chicken broth bowl $7.99 pot $10.99
SO3 TOM KHA hot- Rich and spicy coconut milk soup with mushroom, lemongrass and lime juice bowl $8.99 pot $12.99
SO4 TOM YUM hot- Traditional Thai hot and sour soup. lemongrass broth with mushrooms, galangal and lime juice bowl $8.99 pot $12.99
SO5 SEAFOOD SOUP hot- Crab, shrimps, squids, clams, mussels and fish in a hot spicy lemon soup $14.99

S1 HOUSE SALAD - Mixed green salad with chicken, hard-boiled egg, served with peanut dressing 4.50 / 7.99
S2 GREEN PAPAYA SALAD hot- Shredded papaya with tomatoes, carrots, peanuts & lime juice 7.99
S3 APPLE SALAD hot- Green apple and ground pork mixed with spicy dressing and cashew nuts 8.99
S4 SQUID SALAD hot- Squid, lettuce, onions, cucumber, tomatoes and spicy sour dressing $8.99
S5 NAKED SHRIMP hot- Grilled shrimp with lettuce, onions, cucumber and tomatoes with spicy sour dressing $8.99
S6 YUM WOON SEN hot- Silver noodles cooked with pork, shrimp and vegetables, seasoned with pepper and lemon dressing $8.99
S7 LARB hot- Ground chicken or pork cooked with green onions, mint leaves and chili seasoned with lime juice $8.99
S8 NAM SOD hot- Ground pork cooked with ginger, peanuts, onions, chili and lime juice $8.99
S9 CHICKEN SALAD hot- BBQ chicken with lettuce, onions, cucumber and tomatoes mixed with spicy sour dressing $8.99
S10 BEEF SALAD hot- BBQ beef with lettuce, onions, cucumber and tomatoes with spicy sour dressing $8.99


(Served with jasmine rice)

Chicken / beef / pork / vegetarian / tofu - 9.99
Shrimp - 10.99
Combination Seafood - 13.99

C1 PANANG hot- Panang curry in thick coconut milk sautéed with kaffir lime leaves
C2 CHICKEN CURRY hot- Chicken sautéed in coconut milk with carrots, potatoes & yellow chili paste
C3 KANG PHED hothot- Red hot curry paste sautéed in coconut with bamboo shoots, basil leaves & chili
C4 GREEN CURRY hothot- Green curry paste with eggplant & coconut milk
C5 PINEAPPLE CURRY hot- Pineapple sautéed with red chili paste in coconut milk
C6 PAD PHED hot- Spicy chili paste sautéed with coconut milk & basil leave
C7 MUSSAMON hot- Peanut curry sauce with potatoes in coconut milk
C8 MANGO CURRY - Fresh mango sautéed with red chili paste in coconut milk

House Specialty
SP1 PADPHED – CAT FISH hot - Deep-fried filet of catfish sautéed in homemade red chili sauce 11.99
SP2 CAT FISH KEE MAO hot - Deep-fried filet of catfish sautéed in homemade green chili sauce with green onions & basil leaves 11.99
SP3 SPICY SEAFOOD WITH BASIL LEAVES hot - Combination of seafood sautéed with basil leaves & chili 14.99
SP4 BAKED SEAFOOD CURRY hot - Combination of seafood in special Thai curry sauce with basil leaves & herb 14.99
SP5 SPICY SHRIMPS & SCALLOPS hot - Sautéed with bell pepper, onion, basil leaves & chili 13.99
SP6 SCALLOPS & SHRIMPS POT - Sautéed with silver noodles in shrimp paste, served in the pot 14.99
SP7 SCALLOPS & SHRIMPS CURRY - Sautéed with curry sauce, egg, onions & bell peppers 14.99
SP8 SQUID WITH BASIL LEAVES & CHILI hot - Sautéed with basil leaves & chili 9.99
SP9 BBQ PORK hot - Charbroiled pork marinated in spices & chili, served with sweet & s’ sauce 9.99
SP10 BBQ CHICKEN - Charbroiled chicken marinated in Thai herbs & spices 9.99
SP11 CRYING TIGER hot - BBQ beef dipped in special hot & spicy sauce 8.99
SP12 STEAMED MUSSELS hot - Served with house spicy sauce 10.99
SP13 PANANG SALMON hot - Sautéed in coconut milk & curry spices/td> 11.99
SP14 SPICY GARLIC SALMON hot - Stir fried with garlic & chili 11.99
SP15 THAI SPECIALTY SALMON hot - Sautéed with spicy white wine sauce, flavored with lemon, garlic, bell pepper & chilies served on a bed of spinach 11.99
SP16 SOLE FILET OR WHOLE TROUT - with choice of dressing:
a) Sweet & sour sauce
b) Chili with ginger and vegetables hot
c) Lemon sauce hot
d) Spicy chili sauce hot
e) Spicy apple dressing hot

Stir-fried Vegetables

(Served with jasmine rice)

Chicken / beef / pork / vegetarian / tofu - 9.99
Shrimp - 10.99
Combination Seafood - 13.99

E1 PAD WOON SEN - Silver noodle stir fried with egg, bean sprouts & mushrooms
E2 CHINESE BROCCOLI hot- Stir fried with chili and choice of meat
E3 SWEET & SOUR - Pineapples, tomatoes, cucumbers stir fried with sweet & sour sauce
E4 PAD KING hot- Fresh ginger sautéed with onions & mushrooms
E5 DRIED CHILI & CASHEW NUT hot- Choice of meat, stir-fried with dried chili, cashew nuts & water chestnuts
E6 PRIK KING hot- Chili paste sautéed with green beans
E7 PRA-RAM hot- Stir fried spinach topped with peanut sauce
E8 SPICY GARLIC hot- Choice of meat stir fried with chili and garlic sauce
E9 BASIL & CHILI hot- Basil leaves, onion & chili, stir fried with meat
E10 ASSORTED VEGETABLES - Mixed vegetables stir fried with choice of meat
E11 EGGPLANT LOVER hot- Sautéed eggplants with chili, basil leaves & special sauce
E12 BEEF WITH OYSTER SAUCE - Stir fried beef with mushrooms & oyster sauce
E13 BEAN SPROUTS - Stir-fried bean sprouts & green onions with your choice of meat
E14 SPICY GREEN BEANS hot- Choice of meat sautéed with green beans, chili & basil leaves
E15 MANGO PARADISE - Sautéed mango with chili, basil leaves & house special sauce


Chicken / beef / pork / vegetarian / tofu - 9.99
Shrimp - 10.99
Combination Seafood - 13.99

N1 PAD THAI - Pan-fried rice noodles with egg, bean sprouts & topped with crushed peanuts
N2 LARD NA - Pan-fried flat rice noodles topped with broccoli black bean gravy sauce
N3 PAD SEE EIW - Pan-fried flat rice noodle with egg, broccoli & sweet soy sauce
N4 CHICKEN NOODLE - Pan-fried rice noodle with egg, bean sprouts & crushed peanuts
N5 PAD KEE MAO hot- Pan-fried rice noodle with basil leaves, bean sprout & chili
N6 SPICY THAI NOODLE hot- Pan-fried rice noodle with vegetable topped with spicy gravy sauce
N7 RAMA NOODLE - Egg noodles stir fried with mixed vegetables
N8 SPICY LARD NA hot- Pan-fried flat noodles with spicy gravy sauce, green beans & basil leaves
N9 CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP - Rice noodle soup with bean sprouts & green onions
N10 TOM YUM NOODLE SOUP hot- Hot and sour soup with noodle, bean sprouts & green onions

Fried Rice

(Served with jasmine rice)

Chicken / beef / pork / vegetarian / tofu - 9.99
Shrimp - 10.99
Combination Seafood - 13.99

FR1 BASIL FRIED RICE hot- Fried rice with chili, basil leaves & a choice of meat 0.00
FR2 THAI FRIED RICE - Stir fried rice with egg, onions & choice of meat
FR3 GREEN CHILI PASTE FRIED RICE hot- Fried rice with green chili paste, green beans and basil leaves with your choice of meat
FR4 CRAB FRIED RICE - Crabmeat stir fried with rice, egg & onions 11.99
FR5 HAWAIIAN FRIED RICE - A combination of meats (pork, beef, chicken & shrimp), cashew nuts, raisins, pineapple & g’onions 10.99
FR6 SALTY FISH FRIED RICE - Fried rice with salty fish, chicken, egg & Chinese broccoli 8.99

Vegetarian Lovers
V1 VEGIE EGG ROLLS - Deep fried Chinese tortillas stuffed with silver noodles and vegetable served with sweet & sour sauce 7.99
V2 TOFU SA-TAY hot- Deep fried bean curd served with peanut and cucumber sauce 7.99
V3 MEE KROB JEY - Sweet crispy noodles with tofu and bean sprouts 7.99
V4 LARB hot- Choice of mixed veggies or chopped tofu, mixed with onions, chilies and lime juice 7.99

Side Order
Steamed Jasmine Rice 1.50
Brown Rice 1.50
Sticky Rice 1.50
Peanut Sauce 1.50

Thai Iced Tea 2.75
Thai Iced Coffee 2.75
Iced Tea 2.25
Coffee 2.25
Lemonade 2.00
Soda - (coke, diet coke, sprite, orange soda) 1.50
Jasmine Tea 1.75
Green Tea 1.75
Lemongrass Tea 1.75
Ginger Tea 1.75
Bottled Water 1.25
Perrier 2.00
Coconut Juice 2.00
Chrysanthemum - (cold drink) 2.00
Sugar Cane Juice 2.00

Honeydew | Honeydew | Mango | Green Apple | Coconut

Thai Beer - (Singha or Chang) 4.25
Tsingtao 3.75
Sapporo 3.75
Heineken 3.75
Corona Extra 3.75
Michelob 3.50
Bud Light 3.50
MANGO STICKY RICE - Sweet sticky rice served with ripe mango 5.00
BANANA ROLLS - Deep fried bananas dipped with honey 5.00